NGF56 strip

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Need advice?
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The ingenious design of the SALAG Next Generation skirting board allows it to be conveniently opened and closed without tools and introduces a whole host of new functionalities. Moving speakers, connecting a computer network, replacing wallpaper, or painting a wall has never been easier. All you have to do is open the top of the trim, replace wires or wallpaper, then close it with one click and... done! And the high quality workmanship and rich colors? That's the standard!

The main advantages of NG slats

  • You open it, close it, and you're done.
  • The patented design allows disassembly and reassembly without tools.
  • Plenty of space for cables.
  • It allows the largest number of cables to be arranged in a way that allows the addition and removal of cables at any time of use.
  • Painting and wallpapering without unscrewing the moldings.
  • Thanks to the open top, it is possible to paint and wallpaper, and then mask the top section with a masking strip. Like no other skirting board!
  • Instant assembly.
  • The strip has pre-drilled holes, which reduces installation time and eliminates the problem of chips littering the apartment during renovation.
  • Separation of power and signal cables.
  • The unique design allows cable separation, which is a particular advantage when running AC power cables (frequency introduces interference) and antenna, signal or computer network cabling at the same time.
  • Virtually invisible joining of elements.
  • The latest technology and the highest quality of slat production make the connection line of the elements practically invisible.
  • Special two-layer technology.
  • The slat, in addition to paint, is additionally covered with varnish, which makes the coverage uniform and most similar to the surface of the panels, additionally protecting the plastic and paint from mechanical damage and the harmful effects of UV rays on the material (longer life of the slats).
  • Flexibility of the strip = perfect fit.
  • Thanks to the hybrid material, the molding perfectly adapts to the unevenness of the walls and floor.

Available colors:

The way to install the NG strip:

F-force distribution for Next Generation skirting board:

NGF56 skirting board logistics:

Symbol Name Length.
in op.
 NGF0xx PVC skirting board 2,5 56 32 00-G4
 NG0Wxx inside corner - 56 25 00-G4
 NG0Zxx interior corner - 56 25 00-G4
 NG0Lxx left-hand stopper - 56 25 00-G4
 NG0Pxx right-hand stopper - 56 25 00-G4
 NG0Exx link - 56 25 00-G4
 NG0Uxx internal universal corner - 56 6 00-G4
 NG0Vxx external universal corner - 56 6 00-G4
 NG0Bxx electrical outlet box 0,09 158 1 01/02/03

xx is the color number