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Dear Sirs,

We would like to encourage you to cooperate with SALAG Company. Apart from advantageous commercial terms you can count on complete substantive, logistics and marketing support. It is based on our knowledge and a long-term experience in the activity connected with finishing profiles.

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Marketing support

In order to make an exposition and sale of our products easier, we offer a wide variety of attractive advertising materials. Owing to them, you will find all information about our products within your grasp, and happy customers will make a purchase in your shop with pleasure.

Points of sale display with LCD monitor

Points of sale display are designed to exhibit SALAG products. Thanks to them, skirting boards are arranged in an aesthetic and practical way, increasing their sale considerably. LCD monitors present advertising films of SALAG Company.

SALAG product catalogue

A catalogue presents a full range of SALAG products, enabling clients to find out more about products, their accessibility, colouring and symbols. 

Assembly model - NG

The model enables customers to see how SALAG skirting boards should be assembled. They are also perfect when you want to show the advantages of NG system.


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B Certificate for EC skirting board

Certificate authorizing to mark products with the safety mark

B Certificate for NG skirting boards

The association of Polish Electricians confirms the highest standard of safety of NG system.

Certificate of non-burning skirting boards

Our skirting boards also meet safety standards, concerning non-burning. Specialists confirm that.

Hygienic certificate for PVC & metal trims

Hygienic certificate of Państwowy Zakład Higieny (National Hygiene Centre) for profiles that are used for ceramic tiles and terracotta as well as skirting boards gives possibility to use them in buildings and places of the highest hygienic requirements.

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