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Advice and solutions

SALAG products are not only the best, full of innovations and patented solutions finishing materials. It’s also the idea of helping you while working with our products, reacting to your needs and problems. Our specialists remain at your disposal. We invite you to ask questions, express opinions and suggestions concerning interesting solutions connected with our products.

 Do you have any questions? Do you need advice? Please call +48 87 565 42 22 or write on help@salag.com

 Soon, we are going to run a special hotline for our customers.

Get to know our experts

The production specialist will help you choose the product paying special attention to composition of colours and the latest trends in design.

If you have a problem with our product, the way of fitting it or you just look for a specific solution – we are at your disposal.

Even in SALAG Company, despite a multilevel quality control system, complaints happen. However, we do not run away from them. We will help you to go through this process in possibly the most convenient way.

Renovation went extremely smoothly. Thanks to NG system I could move in much faster than I had expected.

Adam from Racibórz

Interesting solutions

SALAG products contain a lot of interesting solutions. Thanks to them, you can finish your dream flat or house in a comfortable and modern way. We present some of them so that you can see for yourself why it is worth choosing our offer. We also wait for your opinions and suggestions of using SALAG products.

Pegs for fast installation of skirting boards

A construction of pegs provides durable and solid fixing of a skirting board to the wall. The advantage of it is easiness and speed of fastening profiles. To mount the profile we only need a drill that is 5mm thick. Just drill a hole through the profile in the wall, then press the peg and done!

Curved walls – no problem

If you have planned arched walls in your rooms you should also think about their aesthetic finishing. Flexible skirting boards are a solution to curved walls as well.

Irregular angles and their aesthetic finishing

More often and often, in modern interiors a right angle is displaced by an irregular arrangement of walls. SALAG Company offers a product which is ideal for such solutions.

Hiding audio installation

Do you know this problem? Loudspeaker cables stretching across the room? The installation of home-cinema with five speakers means kilometres of conduits and stumbling over them as well as problems during cleaning. An ideal interior without unaesthetic cables – we have a method.

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