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Skirting boards

SG48 skirting board

SG48 skirting board is the product of the wide range of economical SALAG profiles. This product is appreciated by our clients because it combines the simplicity of installation, high quality and a reasonable price. The height of a skirting board – 48mm – and soft endings guarantee good adjustment of profiles to the wall and the floor.

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Available colors

B2 Antique oak

A9 Oak parquet

A8 Rustic beech

A7 Old maple

A6 Dark walnut

A5 Merbau

A4 Golden oak

A3 White oak

A2 Magnolia

A1 Morena oak

A0 Mountain cherry

00 White

E1 Sparta oak

77 Canyon oak

73 Polar oak

20 Virginia oak

19 Old oak

The construction of skirting board allows you to use the entire free space between the wall and the skirting board so that you can lay the maximum number of cables. The spacious chamber of the profile can be filled with numerous wires and lines. By opening the upper part of the profile you can easily change hidden conduits.

SG48 salag

Logistics of SG48 skirting board

SG40xx SG48 PVC skirting board  2.5 48 32 00-E1
SG4Exx SG48 coupling - 48 50 00-E1
SG4Lxx SG48 left ending - 48 50 00-E1
SG4Pxx SG48 right ending - 48 50 00-E1
SG4Wxx SG48 internal corner - 48 50 00-E1
SG4Zxx SG48 external corner - 48 50 00-E1

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