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Skirting boards

Skirting boards for a carpet edge

There are also solutions to carpeting finish in Salag offer. These are profiles as well as accessories – corners and endings.

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Available colors

60 Beech

58 Brick-red

57 Light brown

55 Grey

54 Dark grey

53 Blue

52 Green

49 Beige

48 White

24 Black

10 Dark brown

Fitting boards to walls

We adjust particular boards to walls, fitting them together with corners. Each board is screwed directly to a wall with screws or pegs.

Fitting carpeting to boards

Take off a tape protecting a self-adhesive layer. Adequately cut strips of carpet are inserted into the interior of the board.

External, internal corner

Perfectly adjusted corners join boards creating the aesthetic whole. They help to form the inserting strip of carpeting in an aesthetic way.  

Right/left ending

The aesthetic ending of facing boards. Fitting without the use of glue or tools.


Logistics of facing skirting boards.

1610xx PVC facing skirting board 2.5 50 40 10-60
1600xx PVC facing skirting board 2.5 50 40 10-60
160Wxx inner corner - 41 12 10-60
160Zxx outer corner - 40 12 10-60
160Kxx right / left ending - 51 12 10-60

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