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Furniture profiles

ABS Furniture edges

The scope of application of furniture edges: office, bathroom, kitchen and leisure furniture, for finishing various interior design elements, as well as for finishing arched elements - internal and external. Furniture edges are made of impact-resistant, very durable material - ABS. This material aesthetically finishes the furniture edges. Due to the dyeing of the product in its entire mass - it is ideal for cutting and milling, leaving no differences in colour.The back part of the edges is covered with a primer, which is an excellent substrate for the applied adhesive. The advantage of the product is the ease of processing on all types of edgebanders, both industrial and semi-professional. Modern production technology guarantees the highest quality of the product, thanks to which every furniture undertaking will achieve the desired effect. 

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Logistics ABS Furniture edges

O11000 ABS furniture edges [SU GŁ]  150 22 0,8 5 alpine white
O11002 ABS furniture edges [SU GŁ]  150 22 0,8 5 front white
O11003 ABS furniture edges [SU GŁ]  150 22 0,8 5 brillant white

SU - solid colour
GŁ - smooth

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