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Skirting boards

LIMA Skirting board

Lima is simple in its form and a great decoration of the interior. It combines modern design and model manufacture.
When you touch Lima you feel like commuting with nature – its surface has a structure of wood what gives so-called wood effect. It suits every interior decoration and is easy to maintain. Two rubber endings perfectly protect the floor and adjust to the wall. An unique, simple installation and solid fixing allow to open and close the upper part of the skirting board. It is a perfect solution when renovating or wallpapering because the whole construction doesn’t have to be removed. One of the best features of Lima is its practical use which means masking and separating the cables and wires.

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Available colors

I0. Bannerton dark

H4. Ballarat

H3. Geelong

H2. Macquarie

G9. Gympie white

G8. Gladstone grey

F4 Royal oak

E3 Argos oak

96 cambridge oak

86 Smoked oak

69 Natural burbon oak

50 Polish oak

28 Maple patina

24 Wenge

16 Swamp oak

10 Walnut

00 White


Logistics of LIMA

LI00xx LIMA PVC skirting board with soft endings 2.5 72 24 00-I0
LI0Wxx LIMA internal corner - 72 25 00-I0
LI0Zxx LIMA external corner - 72 25 00-I0
LI0Lxx LIMA left ending  - 72 25 00-I0
LI0Pxx LIMA right ending - 72 25 00-I0
LI0Exx LIMA coupling - 72 25 00-I0

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