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Skirting boards

Universal underlay

Insulation under floor panels and wood floors. It absorbs vibrations and stresses effectively what guarantees increased comfort of walking. It is made of polystyrene  with a density of 46kg/m2, optimum from the point of view of resistance to load and adjustment to concrete. Perfect for intensively used interiors. 

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The system of grooves in the underlay provides:

  • better acoustic and thermal insulation
  • better adhesion of the underlay to the floor      
  • easier putting floors
  • better flexibility of the underlay
  • better comfort of walking
  • air circulation what reduces the risk of appearing mould

Logistics of universal underlay

T14301 universal underlay 1x0,5 3 19 grey
T14551 universal underlay 1x0,5 5.5 11 grey
T14202 universal base for laminated and wooden panels (16.5 m2) 1.1x15 2 1 orange

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