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Skirting boards

New! NG62 Skirting Board

NG62 Skirting Boards

NG62 skirting board means a perfect combination of modern style and functionality. Still, there will not be a problem with hiding electrical wires. Moreover, painting or wallpapering will be easy too - it is enough to dismantle the upper part of a skirting board. Thanks to rubber edges this skirting board perfectly clings to the wall and floor. 62 mm height as well as simple and unique shape respond to the most fashionable trends of interior designs.

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Available colors

G3 aluminium

B3 Desert oak

99 Chateau

87 Cottage

86 Smoked oak

73 Polar oak

28 Maple patina

24 Wenge

00 White

The main advantages of NG skirting boards

  • Open, close and that’s all. 
    A patented construction allows for dismantling and repeat fitting without any tools.

  • A lot of space for wires 
    It allows you to put the largest number of wires in a way that makes adding and removing them whenever you need.

  • Painting and wallpapering without unscrewing skirting boards
    Thanks to the open upper part, like no other skirting board, you can paint and wallpaper, and then just mask the upper segment with a masking board.

  • Immediate fitting 
    Skirting boards have drilled holes thanks to which the time of fitting is reduced and the problem of chips, requiring removal, eliminated.

  • Separation of feeder and signal cables 
    A unique construction allows for separation of wires that is a special advantage while putting simultaneously feeder cables of alternating current (frequency causes disruptions), aerial and signal cables or computer network wiring.

  • Joining elements almost invisible
    The latest technology and the highest quality of skirting boards production make the line of linking almost invisible.

  • Special double layer technology 
    Except for the paint, skirting boards are additionally covered with varnish what makes the surface uniform and more similar to the surface of panels. Furthermore, it additionally protects material and paint against the failure of surface and harmful influence of UV rays on material (longer life of skirting boards).

  • Flexibility of skirting board = ideal fitting 
    Thanks to the use of hybrid material, a skirting board ideally adjusts itself to irregularities of walls and floors.

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Logistics of NG62

 NG60xx NG62 PVC skirting board 2,5 62 32 00-G3
 NG6Wxx NG62 internal corner - 62 25 00-G3
 NG6Zxx NG62 external corner - 62 25 00-G3
 NG6Lxx NG62 left ending - 62 25 00-G3
 NG6Pxx NG62 right ending - 62 25 00-G3
 NG6Exx NG62 coupling - 62 25 00-G3

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