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Skirting boards

SIERRA Skirting Board

The shape and technology of new skirting boards: SIERRA 80 and SIERRA 100, belonging to a new collection, refer to traditional finishing solutions of wooden floors and high quality laminate floorings. These profiles are made in hybrid technology, in which the internal part of the skirting board is made of foamed PVC material covered with durable aesthetic decorative surface. 
An innovative solution is using special technologies that enable you to cover the external surface of the profile with emulsion paint.

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Available colors

04 Silver

03 Red

02 Black

01 White

00 For painting

SI80xx SIERRA Skirting Board 2,5 77,5 10 00-04
SI10xx SIERRA Skirting Board 2,5 95,5 10 00-04
360000 Skirting board fixing stretcher - - 25 black
36T000 Skirting board fixing stretcher/bag - - 6 black

Sierra skirting board - instalation instructions

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