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Transition profiles

Flexible floor profile - Flex Board

Flexible floor profile – FLEX BOARD. It is an excellent transition profile to finish arched areas of small bend radius.

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Available colors

99 Chateau

93 alsace oak

86 Smoked oak

69 Natural burbon oak

65 Stone pine

56 Wine oak

54 Mahogany parquet

29 Ontario oak

28 Maple patina

26 Tasmanian wood

25 Hickory

24 Wenge

23 Modena walnut

08 Dark oak

02 Beech

This product covers the differences in levels and can be used on the already laid floor. It is the only profile to finish the surface round the columns.


Logistics of a flexible floor profile – FLEX BOARD

FB00xx flexible floor profile 3 37 1 02-69
FBA000 base profile 0.75 7 12 black

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